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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Printing on Fabric using glue stick & printer paper

I discussed printing on fabric in another post using heatbond cut to size and your fabric. Now I want to tell you about a cheaper faster short cut. I got this bucket at the thrift shop but it has 2000 plaque on it.
                                                             I pulled off the 2000

 I knew I wanted to print a E for our last name initial  for the bucket. I hated to waste a sheet size of heatbond and even a sheet size of fabric just for such a small thing. This is what I did. First I cut a piece of my drop cloth material. I did not measure and I did not even cut a full printer size sheet. Just random like me ;-)

Then I took a regular piece of printer paper. I even used one I had wrote on to recycle it. The I took a regular glue stick and I put glue just around the border of the fabric and glued it to my paper.
Then I found a E I liked using a google search. I just put it Letter E and went to images and found the letter. I then put that in a regular word document. I center it from top to bottom on my paper to make sure it printed in the center of my paper. Then I put it in my printer tray. Put the fabric side down. (Sorry for the bad photo)
Fabric face down in printer tray
Then I just hit print and DA DA! Magic

Upside down photo! Ha!
Then I took my 2000 plaque and traced around my fabric E and cut and glued it to my bucket.  This is where I wish I would have spent a little more time because I could have cut it a little bigger. I get so excited when I do crafts sometime I rush steps. Don't Do this! 

I used mod podge on the back of the fabric to glue in place but you cold probably use a glue gun or even maybe your glue stick. I wanted to make sure it would stick and I know mod podge will do the job!

So as you can see you can literally use stuff you have around the house to print onto fabric. You do not need any fancy tools just a piece of printer paper, a printer, fabric scrap and a glue stick!

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