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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Grandma (Honey) Washer Stamped Necklace

Still working on getting this blog thing figured out. There is so much to learn. Today I want to showcase one of my new crafting passions Stamping Washers! This is so fun. I read about stamping washers on Pinterest but I was a little skeptical. I mean it seemed too easy. I went to Harbor Freight and bought my little stamp set. I used a 20% off coupon so it ended up being $7 and a few cents. Then I was off to buy my washers. I went to Lowes. So this is what I discovered there are many different sizes and some have different size holes. They sell them individually or they sell them in packages that have 6 or 8 for $1.18 or so and they sell boxes of 100 of them. I went with the bag for $1.18. So this is some things I learned in this process that are keys to your success:

1. This is the most IMPORTANT tip also this was the hardest for me stamping is not something you can get perfect. There is no way or at least I could not see how that you could apply the exact same amount of pressure to every letter stamping and it is almost impossible to get the letters exactly lined up and spaced evenly etc. I like things perfect so it this was very hard for me. I went through a lot of washers because I would feel like one letter was more heavily stamped than the other or one letter was slightly to high compared to the next etc. I finally just stop worry so much with this and realized each piece was a one of  kind piece of art and there would never be another one exactly like it and I just let it be.

2. You must stamp on concrete. Supposedly there are blocks made for this but I did not buy one. What I did try is stamping on top of a brick. This scratched the back of my washer badly. Then I tried various other things but what worked very best is placing the washer directly on hard but smooth concrete. I used the floor in my garage.

That is basically it. I used a regular hammer my $7 stamp set and regular zinc washer. This necklace featured is one I did for my mom. She has 3 children and 6 grandsons. I stamped the first washer with the name they call her which is "Honey" then next washer I stamped with my first and middle initial and then each one of my 3 sons first and middle initial  Then I stamped on the next washer my sisters initial and her son. The last washer I stamped with my brothers initial and then his two sons initials  The heart on the necklace is a something another family member made her and she included. on the necklace. She told me this was her favorite Xmas present of the year. Not bad for a cost of maybe $2 worth of supplies.

What do you think?

P.S. I just made this December 2012 my mom took the pictures and I don't think she knows how to change the date on her camera! HA!

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